Fort Collins Wedding Catering

fort collins wedding catering
One of the most memorable occasions in your life will have to be your wedding day. You want it to be perfect, that you need to focus on all the details. Among the things that will have to deal with are finding the perfect wedding dress, an excellent wedding ring, a lovely place for your reception, beautiful flowers for the occasion, and a wedding caterer to serve delicious food for your guests.

Finding the right wedding catering is very vital for an event like this. The bride and groom may be very beautiful and gorgeous on their wedding day and everything is going according to plan. However, if something goes wrong with the food, it can immediately become a disaster, and your guests will definitely remember that.

Here are some factors that you need to check before deciding on your wedding catering:

Food Tasting

The caterer must be able to set up a food tasting session with the bride and groom before they enter into a contract. It is very important to know how the food would taste before you serve them to your guests. In case you do not like the taste of the food that was served during the session, you are not obliged to hire them.

The Price Must Be Right

We all know how expensive it can be preparing for a wedding. It is always good to check and compare the price range of one caterer from another. Take note of what the inclusions are. One company might be cheaper than the other, but could not provide you with linens or glasses.

A Person in Charge

Everybody gets busy during the event itself, and it is very important to have a person who will make sure that the food is served to everyone. Ask your caterer about this and talk to that person. You might have some special instructions that you need to give to the person in charge.

The Waiters

Verify with the company how many waiters will be serving during the event, and if you will have to pay for them. Do not assume that they come for free because someone has to serve the food.


Another very important thing that you need to as from your wedding caterer is if they have a license and insurance. They need to meet specific health requirements too. You must also ask if they serve alcohol, and if they do, they will need a liquor license.

Other Stuff

You must also ask the company if they can provide you with tables and chairs. To save you money, you can ask if you can manage your own bar separately. If they will allow you, then ask if they can give you references for suppliers that can provide you with the best prices. You also need to clarify if they can provide you with a wedding cake and if they will charge you for cake cutting.

Once you have checked all these factors with your caterer, you will find it easier to decide which company should handle your wedding catering. They are very relevant things that you need to pay attention to, if you do not want to end up being billed for things that you are not aware of because you did not bother to ask.

There are a lot of catering services that you will find online and you might notice they never give out the price for their services. This is because they know what every wedding is unique and every couple has their own special preferences. If you wish to inquire about Fort Collins wedding catering, do not hesitate to set up an appointment so you can discuss your needs personally and get the best price quote.