Fort Collins Social Event Catering

fort collins social event cateringIf you are hosting a big social event, you definitely need to make sure that everything is well taken care of. The one last thing that you want to worry about is the food that your guests will be partaking in. You can let a social event catering company handle that for you, while you take care of the other details that needs your attention.

When you talk about a social event, you are referring to a very broad term. It can refer to an anniversary party, retirement, welcome home party, summer pool party, dinner dance, a fund raising party, etc. Being called a “social” event, you only have one goal in mind, and that is to allow your guests to mingle so they get to know your other guests. As you plan out for which company to contact to take care of the catering, you also need to figure out if there is a theme for your party. This is very important when discussing things with the caterer.

Your social event is a lot different when compared to a formal gathering like a wedding reception, and you need to focus on letting your guests enjoy the party. To make sure that your social event catering company knows what to do, you need to inform them about two areas that they should address during the party itself.

Guests Must Be Allowed to Eat and Drink at Their Own Pace

During a social event, you do not want your guests tied up to their seats and just wait for things to happen or wait for the food to be served in their tables. You allow them to walk around and chat with other people. There should not be any schedule for eating or drinking that must be followed.

You can give your guests different choices with the menu from the caterer. Take into consideration vegetarians and people with food allergies. You have to consider having a wide variety of choices for your menu. The party guests will certainly have fun when they are able to socialize and enjoy the delicious food you are serving during the party.

Set Up Several Food Stations

It is best to have several food stations, rather than have all the food in one buffet table. The company who handles your catering should set this up and make sure that the food stations are spaced apart and giving the guests with different options per station.

By doing this, you are encouraging people to move around, as they check what is available in the other food stations. Again, this is to meet your goal of allowing them to meet a new acquaintance during your party.

Aside of course from making sure that you are able to meet your goal of allowing your attendees to socialize, you have to be keen in picking the social event catering company that you will contact for the event. It can play a major role in the success or failure of the party that you are planning.